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Overcoming Resistance to Housework through Mindfulness

At times, we experience significant resistance to cleaning, home improvements and other household chores.

However, if we shift our mindset to find a sense of positivity in such activities, we can overcome the feelings of resistance we may experience.

Every cleaning task or household duty is an opportunity for you to practice mindfulness. Once we recognise this, the activities become something we can not only benefit from, but can also look forward to doing.

Here is a small mindfulness practice that you can try when washing the dishes:

Start by reminding yourself of the benefits of mindfulness and the benefits of the activity before you start. Sit or stand still for a few moments before you begin.

Remind yourself that mindfulness can support feelings of calmness and clarity and contribute to your overall wellbeing. Remind yourself of the benefits of washing up; having a clean kitchen and contributing to the clutter free feeling in the home. Let go of the resistance to complete the task.

Mindfully move your mind away from hurrying to get things done and the desire to do something else.


  • Make a clear intention to be mindful; from picking up the cutlery and plates to placing them in the sink.

  • Be mindful of the contact of your hands with the items.

  • Be mindful of your hand turning the tap on and the water going into the sink. Notice the smell of the washing up liquid.

  • Make it a slow easy process so that each step of the way deserves real attention.

  • After washing the dishes, dry them and put the various items back in the drawers and cupboards.

  • Be mindful of the various sensations of your body as you bend and stretch.

  • When everything is clean and tidy, stand still for a few moments and be mindful of the completed task.

  • Be mindful that the task had a beginning, a middle and an end to it.

  • Allow your whole being to stand there in the kitchen for a few moments to acknowledge completion before you move on to something else.

The Little Shop of Mindfulness has a range of booklets with daily mindfulness activities to support your wellbeing and mindfulness journey.

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