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The Five Senses Mindfulness Gift set
Supports Wellbeing and calm during moments of anxiety.
Do you suffer with anxiety, stress or panic attacks? Or do you sometimes just need to feel more at peace and not feel like you have 100 things going on in your mind at once? 
Do you know someone that may benefit from a product that helps them to feel calm during moments of stress or anxiety?
The Five Senses Mindfulness Practice can help to calm your mind during challenging moments.
This mindfulness grounding practice supports you to be present in the moment. It helps you to connect with your immediate environment through your senses, alleviating moments of anxiety.
The pouch and tokens are small enough to carry around in your bag for those unexpected moments of feeling anxious or panicky. 
Simply pick out one token at a time and follow the instructions. 
You will receive 6 beautifully printed wooden tokens, a pouch to keep them in and a mindfulness instructions card.  If you choose the gift set option you will also receive the beautiful black gift box worth £3.99.
Don't forget that 5% of all profits goes towards suppotting Mindfulness Support Service C.I.C, a not for profit organisation supporting adults and children affected by domestic abuse. 
All our mindfulness instruction cards have been written by industry leading mindfulness teachers and authors exclusively for The Little Shop of Mindfulness.

Option to purchase with or without black gift box

The Five Senses

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