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Mindfulness glitter jars are a great way for children (and adults) to use when they feel frustrated, unsettled, or anxious. They support the user to feel calm, more relaxed and manage their emotions through stressful situations or moments. 

The DIY mindfulness glitter jar includes:
370ml glass jar with blue gingham twist lid.
3 bottles of glitter (you are welcome to message us and let us know which colours you would like otherwise colours will be  chosen at random).
Clear school glue
A Mindfulness card with mindfulness practice tips and step by step instructions on setting up your jar and how to use it.
The mindfulness practice supports the user to manage emotions and bring calmness and clarity into the present moment.
Minsfulness card is written by senior mindfulness teachers and family support specialists. 
Please support and supervise  younger children at all times with this item.

Mindfulness Glitter Jar DIY Set

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