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Positive Energy Gift Set


This beautiful positive energy enhancing kit enables the user to cleanse and purify the energy within their home or within themselves to support emotional wellbeing.


There is a meditation and mindfulness step by step instructions card included to support you to use the items. 
The kit includes:

  • White sage smudge stick approx 10cm
  • Smudge stick shell dish 
  • Californian white sage incense sticks 
  • Mango wood incense ash catcher
  • Selenite Palm Stone 
  • 6 rose quartz crystals
  • Hessian pouch for Crystal's 
  • Mindfulness instruction card 

The smudging items can be used to cleanse a person or place of negative thoughts and emotions. Perfect for a new home or to start a new beginning after emotional challenges. 

The Selenite palm stone is a powerful crystal that can be placed in a room to clear negative energy or used as a tactile mindfulness tool with cleansing properties. It can be recharged by the sun and moon by placing next to a window.


White sage has purifying and cleansing properties. The incense set is perfect to bring calmness and clarity to a person or environment. 

Rose quartz crystals are known for their ability to block negativity. They are used to diminish negative vibrations and emotions. They can be kept in a room or on the person. The stone is associated with love and his therefore a great crystal for supporting with relationship or family struggles. 


Presented in a gift box for the recipient.

Positive Energy Set

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