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Creating a Mindful Environement Gift Set

This is our best selling gift set  
A 6 piece gift set to support mindfulness practice, meditation and reflection and the reduction of anxiety and stress. 
This beautiful gift set comprises the following:
  • Mindfulness practice instruction card 
  • Meditation aromatherapy incense sticks (Vanila, Sandalwood and Camomile) Pack of 20
  • Ceramic eden oil burner (choice of several colours. Ceramic oil burner may vary in style)
  • Fragrace oil 10ml 
  • Mango wood ashcatcher incense burner 
  • Tea light 
Learn how to create a mindful environment at home or work for meditation, reflection and mindfulness practice with our mindfulness instruction card and product set.
Simply follow the instructions on the card to upport your daily mindfulness practices at home. 

Creating a Mindful Environment

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