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Introducing our 7 Chakra Mindfulness and essential oil gift set!
A beautiful gift set to support you to reduce anxiety, promote positive thinking, introduce calmness and clarity and balance your chakras. 
This set includes a 7 Chakra lava diffuser bracelet and pouch, a 10ml 100% Pure lavender essential oil bottle, a 16 page Chakra and Mindfulness instruction booklet and a beautiful black gift box with £3.99. 
An ideal gift for yourself, family members, friends, loved ones or colleagues. 
The booklet includes a full set of  instructions, information on the 7 chakra's, essential oil information, mindfulness practices and safety instructions. Presented in a matching black envelope. 
The set supports the wearer to shift their focus from negative emotional thinking to a greater sense of calmness, clarity and relaxed state of mind.


The 16 page booklet has been written exclusively for The Little Shop of Mindfulness by industry leading mindfulness teachers.

Chakra Bracelet and Essential Oil Set

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